I went to an insect exhibit in Tokyo one fateful day in the fall of 2018. It was on this fateful day that I would first learn about Mahakamia kampmeinerti, a species of weevil that has no English name whatsoever. There is also no information on this insect available anywhere on the internet in English. I checked! Therefore, I have made it my sworn duty to spread the word about this humble large beetle, that I have dubbed the "long-armed weevil", or the "Arms Akimbo weevil", after the Freakazoid character.

Here is the long-armed weevil photo gallery!!!

Poster display of odd bugs at an insect exhibit in Tokyo.

Mounted specimen at an insect exhibit in Tokyo.

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FAN ART GALLERY!!! Art made by the people, for the people, for the sake of publicity for this magnificent insect!

By me!!!

Amazing weevil artwork that I commissioned from Val!

I hope you enjoyed the long-armed weevil! Please spread the word!!!