Note: Everything on this site was shamelessly stolen from Cartoon Network. But hey, I didn't do it!!

WELCOME TO OUR PAGE!!! We made this page just for laughs and to make fun of nerds because WE'RE not nerds who are actually serious about making websites because websites are for dorks!!!

Name: Kyle
Likes: Bullying Andy and Rodney
Dislikes: Lessons

Name: Salty Mike
Likes: Rocks that look like snack foods
Dislikes: That lolly show

By the way, the thing Mister Kyle is holding in the picture above is a Stupidball, a dumb object we stole from Adny and Rondey and threw through Mrs. Flatbottom's windows and then Andy and Rodney took the blame! DAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

When we aren't busy bullying losers, we like to do stuff like watching The Wonder of Wind, doing stuff Ranger Stu tells us not to do, and stealing lawn ornaments!! But don't tell anybody!!! OR WE'LL PUMMEL YOU!!!!!!!!

These are our ENEMIES!!! We got the dorkiest pictures of them we could find so you can see how STUPID and DORKY they are!! Although one time Salty Mike became BFFs with Adny because they shared the same dorky interest! However Adny soon proved how stupid he is when he blew Salty Mike off!!!

Here are some reasons why they are stupid and we are better than them!!

  • Adny has red hair and glasses!! What a DORK!!!
  • When seen from a certain angle, it looks like his eyes are stuck to his glasses rather than his face!
  • Rodney has stupid buckteeth and a tail that curls the wrong way!!!
  • Squirrels are BORING and parrots are WILD and EXOTIC!!!!!
  • Their names both end with Y and it makes them sound like losery drones with no individuality!!!
  • Their show was cancelled early on and as a result no one even knows what Squirrel Boy IS!!! Have YOU ever heard of it or better yet met anyone who is actually a fan?? If it were named Parrot Boy and starred us, its ratings would skyrocket through the roof!!!!!!!!

  • We hope you enjoyed our page!!! Actually, we don't! We hope you had a miserable time! LOSER!!! You can email us your dumb flames by clicking HERE!!