Who are "the Legboyz"? They are, or rather, were, my pet giant millipedes! Unfortunately, I turned out to be a really shoddy millipede owner as they died after a few months... they're supposed to live for a couple of years. I guess I was too used to the ease of keeping pet cockroaches that I let my guard down.

Either way, I loved my leggy boys, affectionately named Romeo (the red one) and Douglas (the black one), so I might as well give them a little online dedication here at Swellpage.com, where we love and support and promote the cuteness of arthropods! I will NOT make a care guide, though, since I failed so tremendously to take care of them. Maybe sometime in the future, I will learn.

Douglas all curled up for maximum defense. Or he could just be resting.

The boyz exploring!

That substrate gets everywhere.

Douglas hiding in some dead leaves.

Romeo twirling around with some carrot.

Let him out!!!

Romeo out on a stroll on my arm.

Nibble nibble.

Here are some videos I shot of the boyz!