This page was salvaged from my OLD site!

Good Morning Raoul was a fun little between-shows kind of show that aired on European Disney Channel. Since about 95% of all internet users are American, chances are you haven't even heard about it, but fear not! I shall educate you!!

The basic point of Good Morning Raoul would just be Raoul popping up between several shows (Goof Troop, Lilo and Stitch, Kim Possible, Recess and Lloyd in Space) doing all sorts of random fun things, sometimes together with his cousin Conchita. And sometimes his OTHER cousin, Enrique, shows up too. Raoul himself is a furry, furry dinosaur with a SPANISH ACCENT! UNFORTUNATELY there's only one show out of the five that is actually worth watching, and that'd be Goof Troop. And Goof Troop is only watch-worthy when it's NOT centered around Pete, and unfortunately, the show centers around Pete 95% of the time. But back to Good Morning Raoul!! Since I'm not very good at EXPLAINING things, I'll give you a truckload of SCREENSHOTS instead!