Thank you for visiting The Swell Page! Here is a picture of me, your webmaster.

Wait no! That's not me! That's Carl from Johnny Bravo!! Argh!!! But think about it. If you close your eyes, you can imagine that Carl made this website. It has all the geeky content Carl would have on his website if he were to have a website.

Okay, let's be serious for a second. is the current webspace of the webmaster who goes by the name of Ridi. I am a Norwegian woman born in the late 80s. It's my third domain, and I bought it back in 2005 simply because I needed somewhere to host my sites, because there's no such thing as a good FREE website service these days.

Um, I don't know what else there is to say... how about my personal internet history? There's been at least one computer around me for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, I used them only for games - my favorites were Commander Keen, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure, and the Skunny series. The mysterious "internet" was the place at Dad's work where he went to bring me new games, and it wasn't until the year 1999 that I discovered what the internet REALLY was. I became fascinated with the idea of building my own website right away, and slowly but surely learned how everything worked by making a bunch of little Pokemon and Digimon sites. One of them still remains!! WOW!!!

I got my first domain in late 2001, and grew bored of the name before a whole year had passed. I had lots of fun with my SECOND domain, but one fine day its host went bonkers and deleted all my hard work without warning. I went for a little while without websites, then found a nice free server. Of course, you can't say "nice" and "free" in the same sentence these days, so naturally, said server stopped being nice after a little while. So I bought, because I've grown to prefer site names that are short and to the point.