Character design sheets

ArtFlow on Samsung Galaxy tablet, 2020

Made little reference sheets for all of my main characters!! Sit down and let me introduce them.

Vigdis is a little hippie child from deep inside the forest. Her character design has gotten slightly more unsettling over time, so there might be something more to her character.

Sophie is the child of a comedian and a nerd, and she might have come to life as new joke material. Her comedian mother travels the world putting on shows, so she lives with her single father. She aspires to be like her mother.

Flemming is part tree, part human, all MONSTER!!! He can change his shape from a tree to a human and everything freaky in between, which I might post drawings of some day. He is absolutely furious about the state of the world and is constantly on the verge of exploding.

Levard was cursed with some kind of horrible bacteria that gives him very intense allergic reactions because of his family's crimes against nature. He usually keeps way too cool for a twelve-year-old, but he may or may not have a secret alter ego bent on world destruction.

Dioni comes from a family bearing a horrible curse for generations in the form of an evil eye. The eye is usually passed on to its new host once the host reaches full maturity at about age 25, but Dioni was given his by his sleazebag dad at the age of 10! So he can't fully control its awesome power. For some reason, Levard and Dioni's curses cancel each other out, so they're always hanging out together.

Anya and Hildegard are twins! Hildegard's body somehow ended up inside Anya's while they were still developing. Hildegard can pop any limb out from Anya's body anytime, but she prefers to take the form of a looming eye or mouth. Anya and Hildegard were based on a woman my mom knew who had her twin's nails growing out of her back.

Benita is a cyborg, and she can do all KINDS of neat things! Unfortunately, she is quite easily hacked and corrupted.

Leif is a mystery to most. He appears to have no bones in his body, and seems to be unable to feel pain. He has an upbeat personality, and there doesn't be anything in the world he dislikes.

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