Assorted character design

ArtFlow on Samsung Galaxy tablet, 2020

Have some more character designs!!!

Jack in the Box needed a quick reference sheet.

Jack in the Box's two siblings, Dolly and Teddy.

Fritz and Enrique are two WACKY radio show hosts! This is Enrique, the impulsive one.

And this is Fritz, the emotional one.

Flemming's sometimes sidekick of sorts, Herb, who is a lot more powerful than he is.

The following characters were made in an attempt to make some more antagonistic roles. This is Half. He controls toy cars.

Nina is an aspiring journalist on a mission to make the island more interesting.

This is Thea, who tries to have her bees do her questionable bidding.

Moving on, this is Donny the mime, who was an attempt at decining a rather handsome character which is something I am not super confident with!

Donny sketches.

We are in clown territory now! I brought back my clown characters from my art school assignment. Their names are Tull and T√łys which basically means NONSENSE in Norwegian.

This is the Elder Clown, the oldest and most powerful of all the clowns!!!

Every circus needs a RINGMASTER. This is them.

Something completely different again, this is Rogny, a kid who is very popular online but extremely quiet offline.

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